1 in 10 UK adults admit they 'never think' about saving

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Millions are failing to adequately plan and prepare for their retirement.

More than 1 in 10 (11%) UK adults admit they ‘never think’ about saving money, and are subsequently putting their long-term retirement plans in jeopardy, according to a recent study.

Research carried out Santander has revealed that millions of adults could be forced to work for longer than they anticipate or could end up retiring with less money than expected because they are failing to set aside enough for when they stop working.

Are you concerned that you may not be saving enough for when you stop working? Want to start planning for a comfortable retirement? Getting in touch with an IFA could be just what you need.

We spoke to Darren Turnbull, a top IFA based in Carlisle, who believes there has never been a better time to plan for a happy retirement.

“The sooner people realise that they need to prepare for retirement as early as possible and that they cannot rely on the state to look after them in their later years, the better.

“With the State Pension Age already moving to 67, people who want to retire while they are fit and active enough to enjoy it need to take action immediately. And, with auto enrolment and pensions freedom, there has never been a better time for people to take advice and make plans for a happy and prosperous future.”

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