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Have you been ignoring your financial future? Don't end up like Clive!
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Sorting out your finances needn’t be stressful. By attaining the right advice at the appropriate time, you can make the most of your money and prepare for a more comfortable future.

We’ve probably all been guilty of ‘doing a Clive’ at one time or another. Whether it’s putting off that trip to the dentist or failing to pack for a holiday until the last minute, each of us can probably recall a time when we should have been more proactive. However, when it comes to improving the state of our finances, many are either unaware of how to go about it, or are reluctant to trust someone else with their monetary affairs.

With people now living longer than ever, careful and considered planning for post-employment life has never been more critical. With VouchedFor you can find an adviser in your area that has been rated and reviewed by genuine clients just like you. We never edit or modify reviews, be they good or bad.

Don’t ignore your financial future because, at the end of the day, nobody wants to be a Clive.

Did you know?

Recent research has revealed a number of alarming statistics relating to savings and financial awareness. Here are just a few headlines from the last 12 months:

1 in 10 adults admit they ‘never’ think about saving.
Half of over-50s don’t know the value of their pension.
9 in 10 are falling short of retirement targets.
9.24m households have no access to any savings.
Half of adults doubt they will save enough to retire comfortably.
One in three UK over-55s is expecting to be burdened with debt in retirement.
A third of the UK's adults are 'not financially literate'

At VouchedFor we are not only committed to ensuring the UK gets the best possible financial advice, but also to making the entire process more simple and less daunting.

With just one click, you can move one step closer to a more financially fit future.

Do you need an adviser?

Many people are unsure if they can benefit from financial advice, while thousands are unaware what IFAs or mortgage brokers do. If that sounds like you, then we’ve got you covered.

What does a mortgage adviser actually do? – Link
What does a solicitor actually do? - Link
What does an IFA actually do? - Link
What does an accountant actually do? - Link

And, once you’ve decided to speak to a professional adviser, what should you ask them to ensure they are the right person to deal with your situation?

10 questions to ask your mortgage adviser – Link
10 questions to ask your solicitor – Link
10 questions to ask your accountant – Link
16 questions to ask your financial adviser - Link

How do I get in touch with a professional?

Simple. Click one of the buttons below, and find an independent adviser in your area.


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