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When it comes to saving for retirement, ignorance very rarely results in bliss.

No one really chooses to work into their golden years, but the reality is that many have to if they wish to continue their current standard of living. 

Auto enrolled pensions have been introduced by the government to ensure most have at least a minimum cushion of income on top of the state pension, but for those who want to enjoy a comfortable retirement that can easily last 30 years, sound financial planning is in order. 

A financial planner can help you establish how you want your future to look, and then figure out what steps you must take to ensure you get there. 

We don’t know what we don’t know, but we cannot afford ignorance to be bliss; looking back with regret is something to avoid, and thus understanding if you’re on track and how to get ahead of the curve is a valuable exercise. 

When I meet potential clients for the first time I find that many have sound ‘conceptual’ financial plans, however it often turns out that the detail is no longer fit for purpose. An investment decision made last year needs to be reviewed, let alone one made 10-15 years ago. 

Expert advice will ensure you are saving enough, that you are doing it as tax-efficiently as possible, and that your investment funds are behaving within expectations. The difference between average and good funds for the same level of risk can be huge. We don’t want to feel like a Bullseye contestant and have that sinking feeling of ‘let’s see what you could have won!’.

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