How To Go On Holiday AND Let Your Money Work For You

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Perhaps you've been looking forward to a winter holiday but is your money working for you?
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It’s winter, and maybe the Alps are calling out to you.  Get away from the day to day grind of making enough money to just get by, and spend some of that hard earned cash on some Après Ski in the local hostelry.  

But would you be happy if your money took a holiday at the same time that you did?

Money ‘Holiday’

Can you imagine all the cash walking out of your bank account to jump on a plane and carve up the slopes in Val d’Isere for a couple of weeks?  What if your pension fund decided to go snowboarding in the Pyrenees while your ISAs were cross-country skiing in Finland?

And when you all got back home you spent a few days unpacking and doing the washing before getting back to work and the job of making some more money.

After all, what purpose do your bank account, pension fund and ISAs serve if not to make you more money?

Money ‘Work’

Would it surprise you if I told you that a lot of your money spends quite a lot of time doing just that…not working?  

Most investment strategies involve the process of selling one investment. Paying for the sale, waiting until the money ‘clears’ into your cash account, and then being used to buy another investment, which again costs money and takes time.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to put your money to work and then leave it, working away constantly, making you more money? Not jumping in and out of different people’s pockets, but making you wealthier?

This is the principal of a ‘Buy and Hold’ investment strategy.  Once you’ve bought it, just keep hold of it. Now the big problem with this strategy is making sure you buy the right investment in the first place to hold for the long term, and I’m not just talking a few months here, I’m talking years and in some cases decades.

Buying shares in individual companies is no good either, shares go in and out of fashion faster than your skiwear - much too risky to hold for the long term.  

What makes your money work? Investing for the long term!

But the stock market - now that does make money for you. In fact, lots of it over the long term for a lot less risk.  

The answer then is to buy the stock market, all of it, in fact all of them, because there are lots of different stock markets all over the world. And often, this can be one of the cheapest ways of investing, so it’s a bit a like a free upgrade to first class.

There’s vast amounts of evidence (not produced by investment and insurance companies you won’t be surprised to know) that indicates holding a global index fund is one of the best ways of making, and keeping, money over the long term.

So next time you go on holiday, make sure your money is still at work, even when you are relaxing in the sauna.

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