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Five luxury islands that will cost you less than an apartment in London.
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Property in London is expensive. Very, very expensive. The average price of a London home is in the region of £530,000, which is almost three times the average UK property price of £190,000.

So, for those unable to get a foot on the London property ladder, is there a better option? Perhaps you could get a lovely four-bed in Reading, or a rustic barn conversion in Hertfordshire.

Or maybe you’re more adventurous…

What if we told you that for the price of a London apartment you could bag yourself an entire island? Don’t believe us? Take a look at these exotic locations, all of which are currently for sale, just waiting to be turned into your very own private paradise.

3 bed flat in Knightsbridge - £14,999,999
Broad Key, Florida - £14,186,100

Just saying the word Knightsbridge brings to mind fast cars, sharp suits and piles of money. South Knightsbridge ranked third in a recent list of least affordable places in the UK, which is unsurprising given the average home costs around £2m.

This particular apartment, which is available for just shy of £15m, contains three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and access to the building’s business suite. Tempted? Well, for the same price you could be the proud owner of Broad Key in Florida, a 63-acre island complete with five-bedroom estate house, guest cottages, a caretaker’s residence, a boathouse, and a deep-water dock.

3 bed flat in Belgravia - £10,750,000
Perot’s Island, Bermuda - £10,612,200

Belgravia, home to billionaire entrepreneurs and millionaire celebrities, is regarded as the least affordable place in the UK. The average home costs a staggering £3.4m, though many properties cost five times that amount. For a snip under £11m you could bag yourself a lovely three-bed pad that contains walk-in wardrobe, guest cloakroom and – wait for it – wooden floors. Wow!

Or perhaps you’d prefer to save £100,000 and purchase Perot’s Island in Bermuda, which would make you the owner of a 13,500 sq ft main residence, 50' swimming pool, children's pool, tiered fountain, pool deck with BBQ, 2 bed pool pavilion, tennis court, walking track, private beach with jetty, boathouse (with apartment), chapel, sheltered dock, and 200,000 gallon water tank.

4 bed flat in Hampstead - £10,600,000
Goat Island, Maryland - £10,541,452

Hampstead is one of those areas that will forever be linked with opulence and luxury, so it’s not surprising that homes in the area are often valued north of £10m. With this particular property you will get four bedrooms, a reception room, dressing room, utility room and, to top it all off, access to a garden bordered by ‘mature trees and shrubs’.

However, if you’re an animal lover, it’s likely that Goat Island will be more to your tastes. As the name suggests, you will be sharing your island with a flock of goats. 40 goats, to be precise. Still need convincing? The island also has 1.26 miles of shoreline, and can easily be used to house a luxury hunting lodge, marina, or secluded bed and breakfast.

1 bed flat in Knightsbridge - £8,950,000
East Sister Rock, Florida - £8,136,020

Compared to some of the other properties in this article, £8.9m sounds like a bit of a bargain. However, for that princely sum you’ll be living in an apartment that contains just one bedroom, although you also get access to the building’s gym and swimming pool. Bargain!

For those that want a little more for their money, why not go for East Sister Rock off the Florida Keys coastline? This fabulously picturesque island comes with 2 boat docks, an actual boat, a helicopter launch pad, a guest house, and, perhaps best of all, an absolutely stunning view. Oh, and if you need additional convincing, the house also has a billiards room.

2 bed flat in Knightsbridge - £6,500,000
Pow Wow Point Lodge, Ontario - £4,751,637

Now that we’re getting a little bit more affordable you’re probably thinking that the islands will start to become a little less impressive. Well, you’re wrong.

If you don’t fancy spending a cool £6.5m on a two-bed apartment in Knightsbridge that comes with a balcony and 24-hour concierge, then why not snap up Pow Wow Point Lodge in Canada and save yourself £1.75m in the process.

For a reasonable £4.7m you could be the gratified owner of a 35-acre waterfront resort containing 11 well maintained cottages, 26 modern rental units, a private owners home, a 4-bay garage/shop, boathouses, a recreation facility, professional kitchen equipped designed to feed 200 guests, an expansive waterfront patio with charming lake views, 1500 feet of lakefront with dockage, numerous water toys, and tennis courts.

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