How much does an accountant charge?


When looking to hire an accountant, being aware of costs is essential.

When considering whether an accountant is necessary, some people look at the associated fees and decide to go it alone. Doing this can, however, prove far more costly than paying a professional to ensure things are handled correctly.

Fees will differ depending on what you require the accountant to do, and whether you want them to work in a personal capacity or to assist a business. But how much does an accountant charge, and how will you be expected to pay the associated fees?

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Self-assessment tax returns

This is the task most often associated with accountants. Most accountants are experts in tax, and will be able to help ensure not only that all tax returns are handed in on time, but that they are written accurately so as not to incur any additional charges.

Though costs differ from professional to professional, the figures listed below give an indication of how much you will likely pay an accountant for your tax return.

Personal tax return - £125 - £175
Tax return for a landlord – Around £300
Tax return for a small business – £200 - £300
Tax return for a large business - £350 - £450 

Do not take these figures as anything more than rough estimates. Your chosen professional will be able to state how much they charge, and will also be able to offer a breakdown that indicates what exactly you are paying for.

General advice

Many accountants will offer advice that allows you to operate in a tax-efficient manner. If you decide to hire an accountant for this purpose, it is likely you will need to meet, or at least be in discussions, with them a few times throughout the year to ensure all details are continually accurate.

This service will usually be offered by the hour, though some accountants may propose a fixed fee. Costs can vary dramatically from accountant to accountant, but the majority will not charge anything less than £40 per hour for general tax advice.

Contractor accountancy fees

Many businesses will pay a monthly fee to an accountancy firm for a service that, generally, will include preparation of accounts, filing of quarterly VAT returns and payroll processing. They will also be on hand to offer any day-to-day questions that relate to tax or other associated accountancy subjects.

As with all fees they vary from accountant to accountant or firm to firm. However, the vast majority will charge somewhere in the region of £60 - £150 per month.